Come Join Our community!

I created this group in order to have a community of like-minded people – where we can talk about our animals, and share our questions, ideas and experience all in one place!

My trusted assistants and I curate and moderate this group, however, we will likely not be able to answer or reply to every question. Due to current telemedicine veterinary regulations, I will not be able to give specific advice for your individual pets, however, I can reply more generally or send specific links for you to look into.

I may end up doing monthly facebook live calls to answer the questions that come in…

We will see how the group evolves and I welcome all comments, ideas and input!


1) Be Respectful.

2) No self promotion of products or services.

Once is ok if the product is helpful to the group discussion but any more than that will be considered spam.

3) No GoFundMe or similar fundraising campaigns

Thank you for joining our community. We look forward to meeting you and your pet!!


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