Dandelion Herb for Pets

Dandelion Herb for Pets
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  • Patricia BoglinAugust 25, 2020 6:50 pmReply

    My cat is older, and I suspect she has a UTI. I’m used to preparing tinctures for my usage, not so much for my feline family members! I appreciate this article.

    I was wondering, if she’s receptive to the raw leaf (she loves fresh catnip and parsley), can I just give her frequent doses of fresh dandelion leaf, instead of extracting it with alcohol?
    I was thinking for maintenance of a healthy urinary tract, once she’s been diagnosed and initially treated. I have marshmallow root (dried) as well, and may try and do a glycerin extract with that and dried dandelion leaf.

    • Dr MagdaAugust 25, 2020 7:32 pmAuthorReply

      Hi Patricia,

      Thank you for your inquiry! I wasn’t able to find any doses for fresh dandelion leaves so I am not sure. However, the glycerin extract with the Marshmallow root would be worth trying. With a 1:3 menstruum, you can give 0.5ml per 20lbs of weight daily. Divide the daily dose into 3 portions. Start with smaller amounts.

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